The design of our e-locks is based on the high-quality materials. Depending on the features of the design, the e-lock can be installed inside or outside the vehicle (refrigerator or container), which provides additional security.
The locking mechanism is designed in such a way that the security system works reliably independently of the geography, GSM signal quality and even the damages of electronic components or a power supply failure.
Software solutions will give you full or partial access to security processes. This will lead to the automatization of the process, resulting in minimisation of administrative costs.
We provide 24/7 service support!

Lock case
The cover of the lock case is made from stainless steel. This provides quality and long-term compatibility. It also protects the lock from breaking or bending, while the lock pins are made from high-quality break resistant material. External case example:

Electromechanical and electromagnetic parts

In the production process of our locks we only work with the highest quality manufacturers (such as Motec, Electrak etc). The components are tested by time and actual conditions. Depending on the requirements for the e-lock system, the base of the electromechanical parts can be made from electromechanical gear, electromagnetic pistons or pneumatic systems, which is suitable even for harsh conditions. While designing the e-lock, we can offer and suggest the most suitable part of the electromechanical base, according to your needs and project details.

GSM modules

E-lock is controlled by GSM module, which provides the possibility to control the electromechanical part of the unit. Control unit receives commands from mobile application, centre of monitoring (office), SMS text message, and can carry out the lock opening process.

Control unit also provides the feedback function, that can send data from different sensors (inductive, magnetic, mechanical) directly to users computer or phone. In this case, user always has an opportunity to get information about the status of the e-lock. In extraordinary situations (for example, trying to break in the e-lock) users of the system are immediately informed by SMS text message.

The whole control unit is safely mounted inside the case of e-lock.

Control panel (Optional)

Additional PIN panels help to unlock the e-lock by adding PIN code, which is randomly generated by system. In this case, the e-lock can be used in places with poor GSM connection. Additionally, PIN code unlocks the e-lock with no GSM connection at all. New PIN codes are generated by the centre of monitoring (office) and transmitted to e-lock unit as soon as there is a need to change it. It helps to protect the cargo from opening it repeatedly. PIN codes may be generated automatically, with or without dates of expiry (controlled in system settings).

Software solutions

E-lock is controlled by the WEB using special programming equipment and by the mobile application. If there is a need, system provides a possibility to integrate e-lock opening function in other external systems, to give an opportunity for the user to use ordinary programs, like Business Management System etc. System also provides fully (or partially) automatic e-lock operating scripts, which are based on principles of the Geo zones / Geo tunnels. For example, e-lock can be automatically opened when the vehicle or cargo arrives at the either loading or offloading place.

Reserve / emergency unlocking mechanism

E-lock is designed with the emergency unlocking mechanism. Even if there is a trouble or malfunction with electrical or other kind of components, the lock can still be used safely, without any damage to its case and construction. Special key gives a possibility to unlock the e-lock in the case of emergency or extraordinary situation.